Industrial Treatment System (ITS)

Water & Wastewater Treatment

Continuous flow, in-line media regeneration, and improved efficiency for your wastewater treatment operation:  Try our Regenex™ Wastewater Treatment Systems today!


The Regenex Wastewater Treatment System is designed to clean hazardous and non-hazardous wastewater streams containing dissolved volatile, semi-volatile, and non-polar organic contaminants. Developed for use by generators, environmental contractors, and offsite disposal facilities alike, our Regenex wastewater treatment systems excel in a broad range of applications.

Unlike conventional treatment methods for dissolved organic contaminants, the Regenex System offers unparalleled cost-effectiveness and ease of operation. Developed in conjunction with a innovative sorbent media, Regenex Treatment Systems sustain continuous flow treatment while performing in-line media regeneration. This unique capability for simultaneous water treatment and media regeneration ensures there is no substitute for Regenex technology.

Industry Applications

Regenex Treatment Systems can be utilized in a broad range of industries. As wastewater is generated almost universally from product manufacturing and industrial processes, Regenex technology addresses to all facets of wastewater production, handling and treatment. Businesses who have benefited from incorporating Regenex technology include…

  • Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facilities
  • Industrial Process Wastewater Generators
  • Fluid Separation and Recycling Operations
  • Environmental Service Contractors
  • Engineering and Environmental Design Firms

Whether incorporated into an existing treatment “train”, tailored to fit a specific application, or built to spec, Regenex Treatment Systems are engineered to excel anywhere aqueous organic contaminants are a concern.

Where there is wastewater, we have a solution!

Key Benefits

Continuous Operation

Developed with a dual-vessel treatment design, Regenex Treatment Systems ensure maximized treatment through automated, continuous operation with the ability to treat waste streams 24/7.

Innovative Media Regeneration

Engineering the Regenex System around our revolutionary concept of “media regeneration” has resulted in a technology vastly more sustainable and cost-effective than conventional wastewater treatment systems. Through media “regeneration”, we can eliminate bulk disposal of contaminated medias while achieving the same treatment results.

Value-Added Service

With technological superiority comes increased operational capabilities. Companies using Regenex Treatment Systems can reduce operating costs and increase profit margins like never before. With Regenex systems, operators can reduce contaminant concentration before bulk storage and treatment, increase the volume of influent waste streams accepted or processed, and mitigate contaminant spikes in effluent streams; avoiding fines in the process.

Wide Range of Contaminants Captured

Our novel media is very thorough at extracting a wide range of compounds from water.  These include most compounds on the US EPA Contaminants of Emerging Concern (CEC’s), plus the EPA List of Drinking Water Contaminants, and many other industrial chemicals.  Many of the chemicals designated as Hazardous by the EPA (F, K, P and U codes) are readily captured by the Regenex ITS.

The Regenex Industrial Treatment System has a high capacity for volatile, semi-volatile, and non-polar organic contaminants, such as:

Industrial Process Water

Dye precursors and intermediates
Halogenated and non-halogenated solvents
Halogenated species
Plastics monomers

Groundwater Contaminants

Chlorinated solvents and daughter products
Explosives and munitions
Non-ionic pharmaceuticals
Perfluorinated species
Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs)

Oil & Gas Produced Water

Dispersed oil
Non-ionic surfactants

Click here for more comprehensive list of contaminants captured by the Regenex System. If your contaminants of concern are not listed here, please contact us for more information.

Unparalleled Product Support

From initial design and feasibility questions to extended performance analysis, the ABS Wastewater team has you covered. We provide unrivaled customer support through…

  • Initial On-Site Sampling
  • In-House Laboratory Analysis
  • Long-term Treatability Studies
  • System Design Consultation
  • Regulatory Compliance
For more information about how the Regenex System can improve your operation:

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