Our Media

ABS Materials makes several different medias, but they are all based on our patented Swellable Organically Modified Silica (SOMS) known as Osorb®.

What is Osorb® Media?

Osorb® media is a uniquely engineered, silica-based adsorbent material that has a strong affinity for capturing a wide range of compounds. It is non-toxic, biocompatible, regenerable, and has an extremely high loading capacity. Osorb® media can absorb volatile organic compounds (VOC), chlorinated solvents (e.g. trichloroethylene, tetrachloroethylene), pesticides, herbicides, oils, greases, alcohols, and other organic contaminants.

Osorb® is a porous and flexibly polysilesquioxane sorbent which reveresibly expands upon the absorption of organic liquids. The swelling is due to a nanomechanical expansion of the silicas matrix, allowing for repeated swelling and contracting of the media.

Osorb® Technology is a mechanically flexible organosilica-based sorbent used in a variety of applications including water purification. The microscale flexibility leads to the spontaneous absorption of organic liquids like a sponge. Swelling is unique for an organosilica. The Osorb® technology is based on a patented process that uses molecular-scale organization to form a microscopically flexible pore matrix. Specialized chemistry involving bridged-silane precursors is used to form the molecular-scale architecture. 

Osorb® media has a very high loading capacity for organic compounds which, in most cases, far exceeds the capacity of traditional absorbents. Furthermore, Osorb® media can be regenerated and reused with no deterioration in its performance. The regeneration process is simple and can be done on site, so continuous operation without the need of replacing the media is possible. This regeneration process allows reclaiming of absorbed materials for proper disposal, recycling, or further processing.

Osorb Variants:

Osorb® media is a high-capacity, regenerable absorbent media.

PQ-Osorb® is specifically designed for the removal of PFAS compounds in the environment.

BioMax media is perfect for bioswales, raingardens, and any other stormwater remediation projects

Lab grade osorb is extra cleaned media, specifically made for any R&D study’s. Also found in our laboratory products such as the Infinity SPE Cartridge and Sentinel Passive Samplers

SilaFresh additive is a state-of-the-art fragrance delivery system for formulation into personal care and home care products.

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