Our Mission

ABS Materials, Inc. creates breakthrough adsorbent solutions.

Nearly a Decade Ago

ABS Materials, Inc. (“ABS”) was founded in 2009 to develop and provide innovative absorbent technologies and solutions. While our product portfolio has increasingly diversified, our products continue to be based upon the unique performance characteristics of our patented medias, and are developed with specific industry applications in mind. With a forward-thinking, technically skilled workforce, ABS Materials maintains a team of professionals with a core expertise in advanced materials discovery, product development, and mechanical system manufacturing, combining decades of collective experience in chemistry and industrial engineering under one roof.

Discovery and Development

ABS Materials technologies are based on a scientific discovery made by Dr. Paul Edmiston while conducting research at the College of Wooster (Wooster, Ohio) – a swellable organosilica material, trade-named Osorb® media. Devised by Dr. Edmiston in his College of Wooster lab, Osorb® media continues to be a flagship technology and a significant source of recognition for ABS Materials. Since Osorb media’s discovery, the ABS team has continued to develop and optimize new absorbent materials, creating a suite of high-performance medias and accompanying application technologies for specific commercial applications.

As technological advancements have spurred product development, ABS has built facilities to accommodate the increasing demands of our clients. Our 90,000 sq. ft. headquarters in Wooster, Ohio, houses fully equipped chemistry labs, a comprehensive water and wastewater lab, a specialized media manufacturing plant, prototype fabrication and testing facilities, product assembly areas, and business offices for all company divisions.

Through extensive research and industry feedback, ABS Materials has emerged as an innovative, full-service water and wastewater treatment company, with additional product lines catering to the personal care, home and garden, and laboratory analytical supply markets. With ongoing guidance from company founder and current board member Dr. Edmiston, ABS Materials is a forward-thinking chemistry company, anchored by innovation and technological development, constantly growing through ever-expanding industry applications and solutions.

Our Unique Technology

ABS Materials core technology is a suite of hydrophobic, molecularly-engineered, porous organosilicas with unique capabilities including:

1) The ability to remove a wide variety of contaminants – including metals and organics – from water.

2) The ability to be “regenerated” – allowing long term utilization and lower-cost operation.

3) The ability to instantaneously and reversibly swell – creating increased absorptive capacity and the novel ability to “capture and release” compounds.

4) The ability to act as a platform for other technologies – allowing for the loading of indicators, catalysts, sensory compounds, and reactive metals (i.e. product performance can be tailored as needed).

5) The ability to function in soil and other complex natural environments.

Products For Problems

In water treatment, ABS first developed solutions to remove hydrocarbon contaminants from the produced water generated in the Oil and Gas industry, and continues to develop solutions for challenging problems associated with wastewater across a wide array of industries. Utilizing our media’s ability to capture dissolved contaminants, ABS responded to customer demand by designing and developing wastewater treatment systems with unique capabilities for contaminant capture and release, and the novel ability to allow on site media “regeneration.”  These efforts have culminated in the creation of our new family of Regenex Wastewater Treatment Systems. Along with our Regenex Wastewater Treatment Systems, a comprehensive portfolio of patented sorbent medias provides solutions for all stages of the water cycle, from stormwater capture and retention to groundwater remediation. Whether flowing from a factory, falling from the sky, or running off of agricultural fields, ABS Materials has solutions for all aspects of organic wastewater treatment.

In addition to our water and wastewater treatment technologies, research and development efforts are continually focused on creating new technologies for a broad spectrum of industries. Our specialized SilaFresh™ additive; designed for controlled release of active ingredients, and the capture of oils from skin and hair, will revolutionize personal care markets. Our BioMax Plant Booster serves as a novel detoxifying soil additive. ABS has also used the unique abilities of our medias to create efficient, low-cost laboratory consumables and sampling and monitoring devices; namely the Infinity™ SPE cartridge, QuickPrep™ pipette tips , and the Sentinel™ passive sampler .

Innovation is Recognized

ABS has received numerous awards and grants for its innovative research and groundbreaking solutions. We have also garnered significant media attention from international publications such as Forbes. Some awards have included:

The 2013 “Manny Award – Excellence in Manufacturing

The 2012 NorTech “Innovation of the Year”

The 2012 STEVIE “American Business Award

and the 2011 Popular Mechanics “Breakthrough of the Year Award

Accelerated by Grants

Media and treatment system development has been accelerated by federal grant funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF), The US Department of Energy (DOE), and The US Department of Defense (DOD) through the Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program (SERDP).

Award of these grants is competitive, and ABS has been awarded not only grants for research, but follow-on grants for development and commercialization of  innovative products. Grant funds have been used for the development of key technologies, including the RegenexTM Wastewater Treatment System (WTS), catalytic media, and BioMaxTM media. Please visit our Awards and Grants page for a complete list and descriptions of awards we have received.

Intellectual Property

ABS has recognized the value of our technology and has applied for patents for novel developments. There are currently 11 patents granted in the US, with 22 patents pending.  Numerous international patents have been also filed. For a complete list of granted patents, refer to our news and resources tab, or follow the link provided.

Granted Patent Portfolio

7,790,830 Swellable sol-gels, methods of making, and use
8,367,793 Swellable materials and methods of use
8,119,759 Swellable sol-gels, methods of making, and use thereof
8,217,131 Method for extracting a metal particulate from an aqueous solution…
8,563,649 Method of treating a material using a sol-gel derived composition
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8,921,504 Method for removing ionic species contained in an aqueous phase…
14/481,077 Method for removing ionic species contained in an aqueous phase…
EP2601127 Method and system for applying force against a solid object…
14/156,326 Sorbent material and method for using the same

ABS has received numerous awards and grants for its innovative research and groundbreaking solutions, as well as media attention from international publications