Osorb® Media

Osorb® is a highly structured, aryl-bridged mesoporous silica media with a unique combination of properties:

  • Swellable: When exposed to pure streams of a wide range of organic molecules, the Osorb® matrix swells instantaneously up to 6 times its volume to adsorb these chemicals
  • Hydrophobic: Osorb® media is surprisingly hydrophobic. When pumped through Osorb® media, water containing dissolved contaminants that do not have a sufficiently strong affinity for remaining in solution, the contaminants will prefer to leave solution, partitioning into and remaining in the Osorb® matrix. See below for a list of contaminants identified on one or more of the US EPA’s contaminant lists that can be removed by Osorb®
  • Regenerable: Contaminants (or valuable chemicals) that have been captured by the Osorb® media can be recovered by flushing the media with an appropriate solution (i.e. solvents, steam, etc.), returning the media to its original state. Osorb® media can be regenerated at least hundreds of times, depending on the solvents used and the operation conditions of the regeneration.
  • Amendable to creative formulations: Osorb® medias basic formulation can be modified during manufacturing to create specialty medias with differing functionality, for example, much softer products, targeted adsorption capabilities, etc.

This unique combination of properties typically facilitate breakthrough adsorption solutions with superior performance attributes, including:

  • Faster acting (e.g., shorter contact times);
  • Higher capacity (e.g., longer lasting, smaller volume);
  • Regenerability (depending on the application , either in- or ex-situ); and
  • Disposability (after regeneration, sufficiently clean to be used as soil additive to continue to capture contaminants),

In general, this means that Osorb® media adsorption solutions will provide the same or better performance at lower lifetime cost.

Surface Area (m2/g)600
Bulk Density (apx, g/mL)0.6
Available Grain Size Ranges ( μm ) 180 – 500 (80 – 35 mesh)
Operating pH Range 1.0 – 10.0
Capture / Loading >99% capture
Optical Transparency Semi-transparent at 300-900 nm
Toxicity / Health Stable, Inert, Non-toxic
SwellabilityUp to 6X volume
RegenerabilityUp to hundreds of times (application dependent)
Capacity0.3 mg/g Toluene/ Osorb® media

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