SilaFresh™ Additive for Personal & Home Care

INCI Name: dimethicone/phenyl silsesquioxane/phenyl bis-silsesquioxane crosspolymer

ABS Materials develops innovative solutions that enhance fragrance and actives delivery, enabling personal care and cosmetics companies to improve their product offerings and better please their customers.

SilaFresh™ Additive

SilaFresh™ Additive

Scents evoke emotions and drive our judgement about the quality of items. People have applied scents and fragrances to their skin and hair to enhance their personal appeal since antiquity. With the advent of modern chemistry, many fragrance components have been synthesized to create unique and appealing fragrance mixtures used in fine perfumes, colognes, and a wide variety of personal care and home care products.

It’s well known that perfume or fragrance products can be very strong initially, then lose intensity rapidly and change character as they diminish.  Changing character is due to the fragrance components evaporating at different rates, and this can leave a musky smell as the fragrance dissipates.

Many attempts and considerable resources have been expended by the fragrance industry to minimize these drawbacks, but so far without any notable success.  Some of the technologies are quite complex – such as using  encapsulating polymers, micelles or nanoparticle-based systems – but none perform adequately.  Until now, there has not been a high-capacity, easy-to-add ingredient for liquid perfumes and fragrances that can desorb in a controlled manner to extend and balance the release profile.

SilaFresh™ additive is well suited for:

  • Fragrance encapsulation and release
  • Actives delivery
  • Essential oil release
  • Odor absorption
  • Sebum capture
  • Degreasing
  • Shine control
  • Exfoliation
  • Formulation modification
  • Use as a thickening agent
  • Use as a sensory modification agent

SilaFresh™ Additive: The Solution to Extended and Balanced Release

Colored SilaFresh™ Additive

Colored SilaFresh™ Additive

ABS Materials has developed SilaFresh additive, a state-of-the-art fragrance delivery system for formulation into personal care and home care products.  SilaFresh additive facilitates controlled delivery of fragrances to temper the initial release and create a steady, extended release that maintains the character of the scents.   SilaFresh additive solves the critical problems associated with fragrance delivery!

Solutions with SilaFresh Additive

SilaFresh™ additive is a novel, high capacity and flexible absorbent. Its particles reversibly expand upon absorption of organic liquids, creating a high absorption and loading capacity, which makes SilaFresh additive an ideal additive for many home and personal care applications. SilaFresh additive is particularly well suited for encapsulation of actives and fragrances, and absorption of malodorous compounds and sebum. SilaFresh additive has a soft, smooth feel and blends well with other ingredients. SilaFresh additive is chemically inert and can be formulated with dry and liquid phase formulations, including those based on ethanol or high surfactant solutions.


Easy to Incorporate

Testing done on actual fragrance mixtures shows that only a small amount of SilaFresh media needs to be added to a formulation to yield satisfactory extended delivery. The addition of only 1% SilaFresh media to a liquid fragrance formulation is sufficient to prolong release during the course of a day.


Fragrance Release and Extension

SilaFresh additive can be used  for fragrances to balance and extend heart and top notes and maintain accord. Significantly extended release time and increased intensity can occur when fragrances are loaded into the product. The pore structure of SilaFresh additive results in extended delivery of fragrances. SilaFresh additive can be loaded up to 400% wt/wt with liquid fragrances.


Key Features and Benefits

  • Stable in ethanolic and high-surfactant solutions
  • High loading capacity and easily loaded
  • Pore structure enables controlled rate of extended release

Sebum Absorption – Cosmetic Additives for Oily Skin

SilaFresh additive can be used as an ingredient in cosmetics for oily skin and to control shine. SilaFresh additive extends time between applications and has a very high capacity for oil and sebum. It sequesters oil and sebum while maintaining a dry feel, even when highly loaded.


Key Features and Benefits

  • Can be used in aerosol, dry powder, cream, or gel formulations
  • Soft, smooth feel
  • Can be colored or dyed to match different skin tones

Absorbent for Dry Shampoos

SilaFresh additive has been developed and tested as a dry shampoo ingredient. The unique ability of SilaFresh additive to absorb sebum while remaining dry to the touch enables excess hair oils to be sequestered and physically removed, leaving hair substantially cleaner and lighter feeling. SilaFresh™ additive is able to be used as an additive to an aerosol formation or as a dry powder.


Key Features and Benefits

  • High loading capacity (typically 400% wt/wt)
  • Retains dry feel, even when highly loaded

Comparison of fragrance technologies and their attributes:

Fragrance Extending Material Maximum Loading Capacity Compatible in Ethanolic Solutions Compatible as Dry Powder Extended Release Cost
SilaFresh™ additive 300% Yes Yes Yes Acceptable
Film forming polymers N/A Yes No Yes Acceptable
Silica microspheres 10% Varies Yes Yes Acceptable
Cyclodextrin powders 10% No Yes Yes Acceptable
Zeolite ingredients 20% No Yes Yes Acceptable
Pro-fragrance molecules N/A Yes No Yes High, short shelf life
Activated Carbon 30% No Yes Too long Acceptable
Metal Organic Frameworks 20% No Yes Yes Expensive