Sentinel™ Passive Sampler

Discrete passive sampling of organic contaminants from any body of water

Monitoring streams, lakes and groundwater provides valuable information on their health and can alert to potential threats which ultimately can affect our drinking water.


The Sentinel sampler is a unique integrated passive sampling and monitoring device which captures a broad range of organic contaminants from water. It can be used for quick sampling providing results after short immersion, but has been designed to be deployed for up to 8 weeks. This is possible because the Sentinel sampler resist bio-fouling and is bio-compatible. As a monitoring device, it will detect persistent concentrations of contamination as well as contamination spikes that flow by the sampling location. These are the events that a typical grab sample will miss.

Small, lightweight, and compact, the Sentinel sampler is designed for easy field use and can be quickly deployed in monitoring wells or in natural discharge areas like streams, ponds, or lakes. It does not require any bulky deployment devices. This allows it to be deployed even in small pipes for point source monitoring. The small size helps conceal the device which makes it less likely to be removed by unauthorized personnel or to be vandalized.

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Benefits of the Sentinel Passive Sampler

Because the Sentinel sampler is economical, small, and easy to deploy, it is ideal for:

  • Sampling and long term monitoring streams and lakes
  • Sampling of groundwater wells
  • Locating of suspected sources of contamination in a watershed

Special versions of the Sentinel sampler are available. Contact us for more information or click here to read the product sheet.