Save Time and Eliminate Tedious Lab Work

Looking for a fast and easy way to find out if a chemical is present in your samples?

ABS Materials has the answer with QuickPrep SPE Pipette Tips – an ideal yes/no indicator of the presence of various organic compounds in liquid samples.  Quick purification and separation of samples prior to analysis has never been simpler with our fast and easy to use QuickPrep tips.

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QuickPrep Tips extract a wide range of analytes and concentrate the analytes from aqueous samples into organic solvents in less than one minute.


Processing samples by pipetting with QuickPrep Tips is much easier and less time consuming than running traditional SPE methods.


Less expensive than traditional SPE methods, QuickPrep tips are priced affordably, saving money and increasing lab throughput.

Sample preparation is an important part of any laboratory analysis, particularly when using chromatography as the analysis method. QuickPrep tips are powered by the unique Osorb® sorbent, which allows for rapid separations from complex matrices. ABS Materials has developed and continues to develop tools that enable fast and economical sample preparation for particularly difficult analysis tasks.

Benefits of QuickPrep Pipette Tips

  • Fast sample clean-up for LC-MS and GC-MS
  • Concentrate analytes in less than 1 minute
  • Use in manual or automated pipetting systems
  • Extract a wide range of analytes - from polar to non-polar compounds
  • Faster and less expensive than solid phase extraction (SPE)

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