Accelerate sample preparation, increase lab throughput, & reduce costs INFINITY™ CLOG-FREE SPE CARTRIDGES

Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) is a fast and reliable way to prepare samples prior to analysis. With the Infinity™ SPE Cartridge, the ease and speed of solid phase extraction can now be extended, even to difficult, high TSS samples.

SPE is an increasingly useful sample preparation technique. SPE is more efficient than liquid/liquid extraction, is easy to perform, and can be automated. However, certain samples, particularly those containing high solids, can create problems due to slow flow and clogging of the cartridge.

The Infinity™ SPE Cartridge is a reversed phase SPE cartridge that was developed specifically to enable simplified and faster sample preparation for high TSS aqueous samples. This results in increased lab throughput and reduces overall cost of the analysis. It allows samples to be prepared by SPE which previously required liquid/liquid extraction or time consuming pre-filtration.

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Fastest Cartridge Available – Prepare a Dozen Samples per Hour


No Clogging – Run High TSS Samples with Ease


Skip Pre-Filtration & Maximize Lab Throughput


Eliminate Dangerous Venting of Solvents

Environmentally Friendly

Use Less Solvent & Reduce Contaminated Waste

Applications for Infinity SPE Cartridges

The Infinity SPE cartridges work with standard lab equipment and are particularly recommended for analysis of difficult samples such as:


  • Wastewater
  • Beverages, e.g. beer, milk, juices
  • Drug analysis
  • Stormwater
  • Surface water
  • Biological samples
  • Industrial waters


The media covers a broad range of analytes ranging from water-soluble non-polar and moderately polar to organic soluble non-polar compounds. Infinity cartridges can replace C18, C8 media as well as media based on polystyrene with urea.

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Please download this handy brochure: