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Home and Garden Solutions: BioMax™ Plant Booster

Provide a safe environment to grow healthy, lush, beautiful plants.

ABS BioMax Plant Booster is a unique detoxifying soil additive that helps home and container gardeners increase their yield and bring peace of mind while maximizing their garden’s potential.


Created from a bio-friendly combination of silica and iron, BioMax Plant Booster absorbs destructive pesticides, cleanses the soil, and provides a significant boost in plant growth.


Benefits of BioMax Plant Booster

  • Detoxifies soil of harmful contaminants
  • Provides essential nutrients and minerals
  • Easy to use, just mix in with current soil
  • Protects plants and soil biology
  • Improves plant growth and biomass
  • Increases yield

Backed by Years of Scientific Research

Extensive scientific testing and research has shown that when BioMax Plant Booster is added to soil as a supplement, plants thrive and grow dramatically larger.  The plants, in turn, are much more robust, lush, and produce a greater yield.  The patented media absorbs many naturally occurring or man-made toxins that may be present in the soil and/or water, while providing essential nutrients and minerals.

Research and development of BioMax Plant Booster has been funded by National Science Foundation’s SBIR (Small Business Innovative Research) Grant and in collaboration with The Ohio State University – Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center (OARDC). Additional research is being done at the College of Wooster .

BioMax Plant Booster was recently featured in an article at the College of Wooster, where undergrad research is being done to further explore the benefits of this soil detoxifier. This research has shown that plants treated with BioMax Plant Booster yielded a higher bean production than the control group.


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BioMax Plant Booster: Maximize your garden’s potential