Water & Wastewater Treatment Solutions
Our solutions touch water at every step in the water cycle.

ABS Materials, Inc. provides industry leaders with high performance, transformative absorbent technology solutions for a wide range of industrial applications. We have also developed novel capture and release technology for use in a variety of markets, including personal care & cosmetics, laboratory analytics, and home & garden supplies.

ABS Wastewater

ABS Wastewater is the ultimate resource for water and wastewater treatment professionals looking for time-, risk-, and space-saving enhancements to the treatment process, which improve their operation’s efficiency and solve difficult problems. We offer solutions in a variety of water and wastewater markets, including industrial wastewater, stormwater, remediation, oil & gas produced water, and drinking water.


Laboratory Analytics, Sampling & Monitoring

ABS Materials provides solutions to facilitate the monitoring and analysis of wastewater and other complex liquids:

Infinity™ SPE Cartridges are specifically designed for the analysis of high solids containing samples such as wastewater, juices, and more, without the need for pre-treatment and without clogging.

QuickPrep™ Pipette Tips, powered by ABS Sorbent technology, are an ideal yes/no indicator of the presence of compounds and can be used for the quick purification and separation of samples prior to analysis.

Sentinel™ Passive Samplers capture volatile and semi-volatile organic contaminants from water. These are ideal for short and long term monitoring of streams, lakes, and groundwater.


Personal & Home Care

A versatile ingredient for cosmetic formulations, SilaFresh™ additive provides long lasting release of fragrances and active ingredients. SilaFresh additive can also provides high capacity absorption of oils from skin and hair (sebum).

SilaFresh™ Additive
Colored SilaFresh™ Additive

Home & Garden

BioMax™ Plant Booster is a soil additive that absorbs destructive pesticides, cleanses the soil, and provides a significant boost in plant growth.