Edmiston, P.L.; Keener, J.; Buckwald, S.; Sloan, B.; Terneus, J. “Flowback Water Treatment Using Swellable Organosilica Media.” Proceedings of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (2011), DOI. 10.2115/148973-MS.



ABS Materials has developed a new type of swellable organophilic material that extracts a wide array of dissolved hydrocarbons from oil field waters. With funding from the U.S. Department of Energy (SBIR Program) orchestrated through the National Energy Technology Laboratory, ABS Materials has been engineering systems to use swellable glass to treat flowback waters to remove dissolved organics. Two pilot scale systems were built: a non-regenerating skid-mounted system which handles inputs of up to 4 gal/min and a 60 gal/min trailer mounted system which included a mechanism for swellable glass regeneration.