BioMax Media

BioMax™ Stormwater & Phosphorus Removal Solutions

Stormwater runoff from impervious areas is often heavily contaminated with hydrocarbons, pesticides, herbicides, nutrients (like phosphorus), and other pollutants. ABS Wastewater offers our unique BioMax™ media solutions for removing these contaminants, protecting our valuable water resources and the biology that depends on them.

BioMax™ Phosphorous Removal Media: Protects Water Resources from Toxic Algal Blooms

Captures large quantities of dissolved phosphorus carried in Stormwater run-off

BioMax-Phosphorus-Media-ABS-StormwaterPhosphorus, in particular, is a major stormwater contaminant of concern, and it is wreaking havoc on many of our freshwater ecosystems. By acting as food for algae, dissolved phosphorous triggers harmful algal blooms, depleting dissolved oxygen levels, and creating toxic conditions. As these algal blooms grow, so do the dangers to both human and aquatic life.

BioMax Phosphorus Removal media is a phosphorus adsorption media engineered to capture large quantities of dissolved phosphorus, protecting the ecosystem from harmful algal blooms. Its robust, granular particles make it ideal for integration into green infrastructure systems, such as phosphorus removal structures, bioswales, storm filters, permeable pavements, etc.  Due to its high capacity and short contact time, the required system footprint can be reduced and the life expectancy of the system increased – all leading to cost savings. BioMax Phosphorus Removal media is able to handle various flow rates and concentrations with its capture ability for hydrocarbons, heavy metals, and other organic pollutants such as herbicides.

Benefits of BioMax Phosphorous Removal Media

  • High capacity for dissolved phosphorus – 15-40 mg phosphorus per g of media
  • Robust granular particles for easy handling and installation
  • High hydraulic conductivity
  • No disposal concerns
  • Captures hydrocarbons, heavy metals, and other organic pollutants
  • Easily integrated into various green infrastructure systems
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Low maintenance

BioMax™ Media: A Unique Solution for Stormwater Treatment

Enhance LID and GI systems by improving contaminant capture and treatment effectiveness

BioMax™ media is an inert, biocompatible enhancement for bioswales, storm filters, permeable and porous pavements, and other green infrastructure systems. It improves the treatment effectiveness of natural and manufactured stormwater systems by capturing and breaking down contaminants such as gasoline, oil, and solvents. BioMax media is also effective in the removal of herbicides, pesticides, nutrients (such as phosphorous), and heavy metals, all of which are prevalent contaminants in both urban and agricultural runoff.


BioMax Phosphorus Media and BioMax Media augment many green infrastructure and low impact design (LID) systems by improving their ability to capture and destroy contaminants.

Bioswales and Bioretention Systems

BioMax-Bioswale-ABS-StormwaterBy capturing and buffering harmful contaminants in stormwater runoff, BioMax™ media protects the soil biology and plant life of a bioswale, improving it’s ability to take up nutrients while increasing plant growth and robustness. In addition to removing pollutants, BioMax media extends the life of the bioswale and reduces the overall footprint, leading to cost savings.

Click below to see general guidelines and recommendations for installation of BioMax media into a bioswale.  Keep in mind: BioMax media is adaptable to any system design.

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Permeable Pavers and Pavements

Permeable-Paver-Waste-Management-Truck-Pad-ABS-Stormwater-Install-1Permeable and pervious pavement systems work well to reduce the volume of runoff by infiltrating stormwater back into the ground. BioMax™ media adds stormwater cleaning and treatment capabilities to standard permeable and pervious pavement systems and effectively captures hydrocarbons, heavy metals, and other harmful pollutants before they end up in the groundwater.

Click below to see an example of general guidelines for installation of BioMax media into a permeable paver system.  Keep in mind: BioMax media is adaptable to any system design.

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Tree Box Filters

Tree-Box-Filter-ABS-StormwaterTree box filters are exposed to high flow rates and high pollutant loads. Quick and thorough capture of contaminants is paramount to the efficiency of the system. Adding BioMax™ media ensures that effluent is clean and that the health of the tree is protected, improving overall performance.

Engineered Filter Systems

Engineered-Filter-SPEL-Environmental-Coated-Foam-ABS-StormwaterEngineered filter systems must handle high flow rates and high contamination loads during rain events. BioMax media enhanced filters demonstrate significantly improved performance over standard systems; capturing contaminants virtually on contact, with increased capability of treating VOCs, hydrocarbons, and heavy metals. For systems using organic filtration materials, BioMax™ media is readily blended into the filtration media.