Yang, Hanbae; Edmiston, Paul L. “Advanced Bioretention Filter Media Enhanced with Metal-Osorb Composites: An Innovative Solution for Remediation of Stormwater Runoff.” Water Environment Federation. Proceedings of the Water Environment Federation, WEFTEC 2014: Session 101 through Session 107, pp. 3963-3975(13) (2016), DOI. 10.2175/193864714815929463 (http://dx.doi.org/10.2175/193864714815929463)

Advanced bioretention filter media enhanced with a novel absorbent material, Osorb®, with embedded reactive metal composites were recently developed to enhance pollutant removal performance of bioretention systems. Hydraulic and pollutant treatment performance of field-scale metal-Osorb composites enhanced bioretention systems was conducted under natural and extreme runoff conditions during a 1.5-yr study. The metal-Osorb composites enhanced bioretention systems were highly effective at removing multiple runoff pollutants including nitrate (41–95%), phosphate (52–99%), herbicides (98–99% for atrazine and 77–99% for 2,4-D), and metals (99%). Aboveground plant biomass also shows that metal-Osorb enhanced bioretention systems produced 15–20% more plant biomass compared to standard bioretention systems, indicating the metal-Osorb composites amendments facilitate plant growth. Since metal-Osorb composites effectively reduce multiple runoff pollutants while protecting plants from toxic runoff pollutants, the use of metal-Osorb composites as amendments in bioretention systems has the potential for being an effective stormwater best management practice.